More than 20 years of experience

Our work standards guarantee a modern and elegant appearance in line with your expectations and the highest international standards.  We endeavor to adhere to agreed time frames so that your project is completed to mutual satisfaction.
As we have, thanks to our customers’ trust, survived as a company despite strong competition becoming  a recognizable name in our branch, we think it is of fundamental importance to provide you with maximum quality. Our best reference are our satisfied customers whose living and work space we enhanced. A professional approach and promptness are what sets us apart from the competition. We are a reliable choice for any type of remodeling/home improvement.

Home improvement projects - from plan to completion.

  • We coordinate with interior designers, architects and builders to meet the needs of our clients. We are competent in all aspects of surface preparation, decorative and traditional painting.
  • We strictly respect agreed time frames.
  • We endeavor to keep our work area clean with minimal disruption to our client.  

Decorative painting projects

ALMI PAINT is a professional, full service, home improvement company with the ability to handle complex projects and all your renovation work. However, our creativity and workmanship are especially evident in our decorative painting projects. The decorative painting process is very different from traditional painting projects. From initial preparation to the final coat of color the process requires not only skill and knowledge of the materials you are applying but also a dose of talent and artistic sensibility. Decorative colors/effects take decorating to another level and offer a wide range of possibilities from traditional to contemporary ALMI PAINT can create a beautiful finish for your project.  Our talented crew of artisans have the experience, talent, appropriate tools and materials to achieve it. These techniques offer an affordable and simple way to achieve exclusivity   in your home, office, interior and exterior.  Surface preparation starts with skim coating in two acrylic layers followed by sanding (spotlights used to locate any imperfections) and finally a primer is applied.  Only then is the decorative paint/effect applied with careful consideration of its technical characteristics. The colors are applied using various appropriate tools; brushes, sponges, trowels, pattern rollers, paint sprayers etc. The end result is always consistent with the catalogue sample within acceptable limits of variation.  

Standard painting projects

Surface preparation

At ALMI PAINT we offer full service wall preparation and repairs leaving the surface completely smooth and renovated before the actual painting is performed.
Skim coating is the process of applying a layer of muddy compound to smooth out rough or damaged ceilings and walls. The compound can be used to repair entire walls or fill deep scratches, holes or dents. Skim coating is applied in two layers. The surface is continuously scrutinized under strong lighting (spotlights) and sanded carefully. The wall can then be decorated or wallpapered.

Economy interior paints

Cost effective, economy interior paints have, in comparison to acrylic paints, a denser texture.  This makes them less demanding to apply. However, careful surface preparation remains necessary for a professional result. 

Acrylic paints

Conscientious prep work is especially important for acrylic paints and involves 2 layers of skim coating performed under a strong light source (spotlight), sanding and application of a primer. Acrylic coating is applied only after the wall surface is flawless resembling a glass surface. Acrylic paints are smooth textured, thin-coated, water soluble and in particular washable whether glossy or matt. Due to being washable, acrylic paints are a good investment as the next paint job can be postponed indefinitely. Ecological, water-soluble for the interior and exterior.

Wallpaper hanging

Wallpaper is back in fashion after 15 years of absence. The “new” wallpaper is of higher quality and and now we are spoilt for choice.  Hanging wallpaper involves surface preparation and sometimes, when the wallpaper is of a darker tone, may require toning of the wall surface.  Depending on the wallpaper the adhesive is applied to the wallpaper or to the wall. We can also handle those hard-to-install projects such as: patterned wallpaper, high ceilings, stairway areas etc.